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HelpAfter the worldwide success of A Hard Day's Night, the Beatles and director Richard Lester reunited for a follow-up film, Eight Arms to Hold You. Well, that wasn't the final title; a pleading Lennon-McCartney tune provided the catchier handle: Help! A loose semispoof of the globe-trotting James Bond pictures, Help! has always been considered a somewhat disorganized comedown from its predecessor; but it presents "the famous Beatles" even more clearly as the English cousins of the Marx Brothers. The plot has an Eastern religious cult declaring that the new ring on Ringo's finger is the key element in a human sacrifice; they will stop at nothing to obtain it. Meanwhile, a mad scientist (crazed Victor Spinetti, who also appeared in A Hard Day's Night and Magical Mystery Tour) believes that if he has the ring, he could--dare we say it?--rule the world. The songs, including "Ticket to Ride" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," are filmed with gleeful ingenuity, in locations such as the Bahamas, an Austrian ski resort, and the Salisbury Plain. The relentless nonsense becomes nearly the equivalent of a swinging-'60s Alice in Wonderland: for instance, Paul shrinks to the size of a gum wrapper, John fishes a season ticket out of his soup, George wears a top hat on the ski slopes, the lads sing the "Ode to Joy" to a lion. Oh, and the film is dedicated to Elias Howe, "who in 1846 invented the sewing machine." Brilliant. --Robert Horton


i got this i seen it for 19.99 and love the beatles but the packing its in looks super cheap not worth 150 or 250 like they sell in canada at stores but for 19.99 its ok but ever thing falls out looks like they got a kid to put it together even trying to take the dvds out to watch are a pain in the butt but the books cards and poster are kool but not worth theb big price wait till they drop it to 19.99 again

Customer Review: Gorgeous Film and Music (of course)

I don't know why it took me so long to watch/purchase this movie. I am a Beatles freak and own every album and had seen Hard Day's Night, but until this reissue of Help! I just hadn't taken the time to check it out. But I have to say that I liked this movie MORE than Hard Day's Night. The gorgeous color and fun storyline were highly entertaining! This is my kind of movie. Quick little one liners, and funny little bits that if you blink you might miss them. Which also makes this film ideal for repeat viewing. The visuals are just outstanding, vibrant colors and great scenery! I highly recommend this film to even the most casual Beatle fan (if there is such a thing!!)
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