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Honeywell 2072 1.06-Cubic-Foot Anti-Theft Safe with Shelf and Digital Keypad

Honeywell 2072 1.06-Cubic-Foot Anti-Theft Safe with Shelf and Digital KeypadProtect valuables and important documents with this 1.06-cubic-foot safe from Honeywell. The electronic, digital lock programs to any numerical combination of three to eight numbers for a personalized combination you'll never forget and a wide variety of code options. An emergency override key stores onboard the safe, accessible from the outside, an in a secret location not obvious to those outside the circle of trust. The whole unit mounts to the wall or flat surface with the included mounting screws and instructions for easy do-it-yourself installation. Dual live bolts ensure optimal protection from this safe. Made of heavy gauge, pry-resistant steel, the safe is backed with a manufacturer limited five-year warranty.--Brian D. Olson

What's in the Box
Safe, mounting hardware, batteries

Customer Review: Abysmal quality, not worth the money.

The key got stuck in the lock the very first time I tried to use it. The safe could not be locked and the key could not be removed or turned more than about a quarter of a turn. In the course of trying to remove the key, I eventually tore the head of the key clean off, leaving the broken half of the key in the lock cylinder and rendering my brand new safe unusable.

By removing 4 little screws from the inside I was easily able to remove the back cover and extract the entire lock cylinder and take it into a locksmith. The lock cylinder itself is so cheap and flimsy, the locksmith initially asked me if it came from a filing cabinet! I have no idea yet if they will be able to extract the key or if this will be seventy five dollars down the drain. Even if they do extract the key, I think the cylinder itself is probably defective and I don't really want it anyway. I can't wait to try and order a new one from Honeywell customer service...

Finally, if you just look at the keys themselves you will see that they are embarrassingly simple, having only a single tooth for the two normal keys or a double tooth pattern in the case of the master key. The entire key and lock system is clearly an afterthought which provides no additional security and should have been replaced with a lever which only turns after you have input the code. Please do yourself a favor: save time and money and go buy something else.

Customer Review: OK

Its an ok safe, the electronic lock is excellent. However, the safe is really made to be screw into something. There are four holes in the back and at the bottom.
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