Rabu, 24 Desember 2008

Mental Jewelry

Mental JewelryCustomer Review: The One That Started It All

It is hard to believe how young Live was when they released the record (first major release). Still in their teens.

The record is probably the least known of their records (others had songs that seemed to gather more airplay), but this record is still one of my favorites by the band. Popping bass lines, drums and guitar propelling things along and Ed's voice make for one great record.

I was hooked on this from the beat in the first few seconds of "Pain Lies On The Riverside". Though there are many good songs on this record, "Pain", "Operation", "Beauty of Gray" amd "Water Song" are ones to pay attention to on your first listen as you start "knowing" the the record.

It is a must have if you have any interest in "Live" at all.

Customer Review: What a Delight!

I bought this years ago expecting to have wasted my money. I was so wrong! I was astounded and mystified. Astounded at the wonderful music and mystified that I had never heard of them. The name LIVE seemed odd, but why not. The singing is powerful and the drums too. I'm not spiritual, but this music is and that is just fine. All time favorite release by LIVE.
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