Rabu, 24 Desember 2008

New Jewel Jet Jewelry Steam Cleaner

New Jewel Jet Jewelry Steam CleanerThe jewel jet jewelry cleaner uses the amazing power of steam to produce professional cleaning results. Until now, every home jewelry cleaner product: Sonic, Ultrasonic, and Ionic, cleaners have been very poor at producing professional cleaning results. Now, with your jewel jet, you can clean your jewelry the professional way in the convenience of your own home. The jewel jet uses powerful bursts of steam to blast away dirt and grime from your jewelry. Professional jewelers have been using this method of cleaning for years in their shops. Sonic and ultrasonic home cleaners dont even come close to the professional cleaning results produced by the jewel jet. The jewel jet jewelry steam cleaner has revolutionized home jewelry cleaning. Were so confident that youll love your jewel jet.

Customer Review: Gem Cutter

This product works very well, and is especially good for the price. The only drawback is that it only has an 8 oz. capacity. That's OK for the casual user, but too small for a professional.

Customer Review: Item is great, but priced twiced the mkt. value

The item is a great item, but I ended up paying $118.00 and found it locally afterwards in more than one place for $50.00. Enven thou I think that the item is great, I think that the vendor is not.
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